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Two women in brown bikinis with a 3VERYBODY bottle between them, lying side by side.
Woman in brown bikini uses 3VERYBODY mitt to apply tan, showcasing product effectiveness.

Creating a Unique Product

It was crucial for us to create a product unlike all the rest. We developed new custom formulas designed for all skin tones and types. Our formulas are easy to apply, contain skin-loving ingredients, and provide a beautiful, natural-looking tan.

Close-up of two interlocked arms, different skin tones, with a 3VERYBODY Life Proof Tan bottle.
Group photo of seven diverse individuals in brown bikinis and swim shorts, with a white background.
The Journey Matters

How it all began

Emmy has been passionate about self-tanning since she was 13. After her mom and grandma were diagnosed with skin cancer, she became even more aware of the importance of safe tanning alternatives. Despite trying countless tanning products over the years, she was always disappointed by the lack of a natural look and the risk of skin damage. In 2022, she decided to create her own solution. She envisioned a self-tanner that was inclusive, wouldn't turn you orange, and wasn't sticky. This sparked a dedicated two+ year journey of trial and error, resulting in the creation of 3VERYBODY.

Photo of Emmy Bre in a brown outfit, standing in front of a white background with her arms crossed wearing 3VERYBODY (everybody) necklace.


Image of Emmy Bro standing in front of window with her grandma and mom.

Emmy with her mom and grandma! They might have known about this project before everyone.

3VERYBODY (Everybody) KIT  Life Proof Self Tan, Tanning drops, and mitt laying in sand.
Sketchbook with 3VERYBODY (everybody) logo sketches atop a mood board with images of models self-tanning.

It all started as a dream.

Inclusive Representation

3VERYBODY was created for everyone. We strive to show real representation of the people who want to achieve a glow at home. Our models reflect diverse shapes, sizes, ages, skin types, and tones. There are no gimmicky packaging or names—just great, no-fuss products that anyone can use.

Tan male 3verybody (everybody) model laying on floor wearing silver 3verybody necklace, sunglasses to the left on floor.
Tan female model with dark straight hair, silver hoop earrings, holding tanning drops with dropper in other hand removed.

Made for 3VERYBODY

Two female legs up right, image cut off at the upper hip, one arm holding life proof tan in-between.
Tan female model with curly hair holding bottle of tanning drops up to her face.
Happy male model smiling, wearing brown shorts while holding life proof self tanning spray.

3VEN this guy... ☺

Our Commitment

We are incredibly proud of 3VERYBODY! We promise to always push for evolution in everything we do. We are beyond excited for everyone to try it out for themselves!

Ready to glow?

Group photo of models in brown swimwear: one man in a chair, one lying down, four women standing, and one sitting.